Windows Port

How to get NEdit for Windows?

It is as easy as installing a Windows application, although NEdit is not a native MS Windows program. Download a zip file, unpack it and run a setup program. That's all. However, make sure to read about the purpose of this port.
If you are curious, how a Unix program can run on Windows, or if you want to know about the details, read more on the Details page (but you needn't if you only want to install the package quickly).

System requirements:


Go to the download area (there are several mirrors) and make sure to read the instructions in the text files, too.

Windows Integration

Using some scripts and batch files, NEdit integrates into Windows rather well considering that it isn't a native port. Indeed, here is an old screen shot showing NEdit running with Yap (from MiKTeX) on Windows XP making extensive use of my LaTeX Mode.

This is a new screen shot showing NEdit as external editor for Sylpheed, both running on Windows XP, Sylpheed directly and NEdit, at least in the opinion of some folks, not so directly. To get this working, I use this batch file together with c:\nedit\run-nedit-mail "%s" as command line for the external editor in Sylpheed.

Moreover, I use another batch file and make a link to it which gets copied into the Send To folder of MS Explorer. Then I can click with the right mouse button on files in Explorer and send them to NEdit directly. (The script and cmdow are provided in the packages in the download area, too.)


Providing a customized Xming package and removed the obsolete MI/X server.

Update to NEdit 5.5+ with tabbed interface. Update to the Cygwin DLL version 1.5.5. The 1.3.* series isn't supported any more.

Update the port: hiding console window, using Windows clipboard

Upgrade of MI/X package Update the port: Fix of nc and new rangeset api.

Update of the port: call-tips, backlight, some fixes.