More NEdit Macros

Before we start

Notice the short tutorial about how to change key-bindings in NEdit, i.e. how to assign macros to keys. Just have a look at some other macros.

Project handling

Often your work consists of many files belonging together, here called a project. These macros try to provide quick access to projects: jf_project.nm depends on utilities.nm. Here are the menu definitions to be imported. Notice that you need NEdit v5.5 with tabbed interface! You also should have the list_multi_sel() function. Read the menu and the macro files for instructions.

Showing Calltips

This macro shows tips from a file. Here is a tips file for NEdit's macro language and another one for C from the (old) calltips patch. Requires NEdit v5.4! Both macro and tips files updated on 06-21-03.
More calltips files (for Perl and PHP).

Find all

This macro finds all search strings in the buffer and backlights them. You can do multiple searching with different colors. Requires NEdit 5.4. Updated 08-27-03.

Expansion Macros

These macros let you do a flexible word or code completion and an easy (recursive) expansion of abbreviations.


With the marks macros you can visual mark lines and quickly jump between them. Here are the required menu definitions. Requires NEdit 5.4. Updated 08-27-03.

Better paragraph formatting

NEdit's fill_paragraph() (Ctrl-J), while handy especially when used with rectangular selections, is in itself somewhat too simple. It doesn't consider quotings nor block comments. This macro emultates NEdit's Ctrl-J command (including rectangular selections) using the external formatter par. Make sure to get it first.

By the way, to create boxes of all kinds use boxes.

For macro writers

Here are two macros: One macro loads the current edited file as macro file. It is useful if you write user defined macro functions. Then you can quickly load or re-load the macro functions for testing. The other macro allows you to run arbitrary macros located in an NEdit editing window. You can also run a selected region of the window as a macro.

Moreover, the extract menu entries macros show you a list of the accelerator keys that you have defined and let you extract macros and pattern sets from an NEdit preference file. Requires NEdit v5.4. Last update 06-30-2005.

Old macro collection

Still the biggest collection of useful examples for macro writers is Marc Broster's macro collection. Here is the whole thing packed (about 79 kB) for off-line browsing with a minimum of updates. NEdit's macro language has become more capable over the years!