Links to pages about the NEdit project
NEdit's home page. Here you find almost all about NEdit. Documentation, source tree, latest binary, macros, additional highlighting pattern sets, configurations, mailing lists, ...
The link to the download section is There are some mirrors for the download section, for example: FU-Berlin.

The NEdit Wiki has just started. If you are an NEdit user, share your tips and tricks about NEdit with others. If you have questions about NEdit, come and find out. (There are also pages about NEdit on WikiLearn.)

If you are looking for NEdit macro packages, Niki helps you, too.

NEdit's project page on freshmeat. Here you can see a version history and subscribe if you would like to stay informed about new releases.

Source tree
NEdit is an open source project based completely on a free effort of its users. Here are the development sources and the folks, who have write access to it.

Partial Mirror
If should be down, you can download the binaries there by ftp. Or go directly to

If should be down.

Mac OS X port
Notice that there is also a NEdit 5.4 port to Mac OS 10 (requiring Apples Xfree port) statically linked to Openmotif 2.1.30 (better don't use 2.2.*).

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